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2006年 03月 24日 ( 2 )

Wi-Fi Skype


解決電力難題 智邦推全球首支Skype Wi-Fi手機

D-Link DPH-540 Wireless G Flip-Style Wi-Fi Mobile Phone
Product Features:
• Call Anywhere in the World Wherever you Have a Wireless Connection*
• 802.11g Wireless Connectivity
• Easy to Read Colorful LCM Display with Backlight
• WPA-PSK for Enhanced Wireless Security

CES:Skype Wi-Fi手機將亮相
Netgear主席暨執行長Patrick Lo在CES的記者會上表示,這款手機將預先載入Skype軟體,用戶只要以手機連上無線網路並登入Skype帳號密碼後,該軟體便會跳出所有聯絡人的視窗,使用者便可撥打電話給聯絡人。

Panasonic to unveil Skype landline phone
Panasonic has developed a dual-VoIP and DECT landline phone that works in tandem with Skype. This announcement was made at CeBIT 2006 and the phone will be available this Christmas at the earliest, with Skype built-in. The KX-TG90000 series works like any other Skype DECT handsets, routing calls accordingly automatically.
Prices for All 33 Sellers ($119.00 - $245.66)

by justblogger | 2006-03-24 15:54 | 少一根線 Wireless


US Upgrades GPS Signal
The L2C signal increases power output and accuracy coming from the satellites. This will allow mobile devices to obtain a more accurate location while using less power than before.

The new signal is known as L2C and is designed with higher power so GPS receivers will work better in areas surrounded by large buildings as well as indoors. This will facilitate GPS chipset makers to produce receivers that use less power to acquire the same signal strength, opening the doors to have GPS devices incorporated into smaller and lower power devices.


Understanding L2C ( L2 ) GPS
“The activation of the L2C signal in January 2006 will be of great benefit to the civil community, but they will be using this signal at their own risk until the command and control of L2C is realized in the Fiscal Year 2013 timeframe." said Colonel Jester, Chief, Space Operations Branch, Air Force Space Command.

GPSoverIP web service and trackable jacket
March 12, 2006 “Mr. Bond, this jacket takes some beating! Its wearer can be tracked down in real time using the high-precision GPS (Global Positioning System) - even inside buildings.” It’s easy to picture Q helping 007 slip on the jacket but in fact it’s not a work of fiction but a new product developed by German company GPSoverIP GmbH and partner Interactive Wear AG.

GPSOverIP shown at CeBIT 2006
GPSoverIP (Global Positioning System over Internet Protocol) is a novel technology which is comparable with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and which provides geographical coordinates over the Internet. GPSoverIP solves the problems which arise in connection with GPS transmission by sending the geographical data to the GPSoverIP gateway in compressed form.

by justblogger | 2006-03-24 15:29 | 數位 Digital